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Roleplayer, feminist, gamer, cosplayer/wig stylist, tough critic, legit writer, human rights enthusiast, artist, responsible human being and FroYo connoisseur. If you follow this blog, you'll see a lot of random shit, much of which is going to be human rights related, the rest a mix of fandoms (B1A4, Koei Warriors, Avengers, Supernatural, Sherlock, various video games and primarily nostalgic anime) I also love food and fashion so you'll occasionally see a few hipster-esque photos of the aforementioned.


    misterchristofelees asked: If they had a kid together meme: Mr Blobby and Cthulhu.


    • Name: Patricia Blobby-Cthulhu
    • Gender: female
    • General Appearance: Pink with green spots, shaped like a weeble with medusa-esque tentacles for hair.
    • Personality: She is very kind but has trouble sharing.
    • Special Talents: She can read upside-down and ride a unicycle while on her head (because tentacles).
    • Who they like better: Her uncle the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    • Who they take after more: Patrick Stewart
    • Personal Head canon: Patty likes to do workout videos! Her favourite food is brussels sprouts and she’s a jumprope champion.

    — 1 year ago with 3 notes
    1. misterchristofelees said: What a lovely child she sounds <3
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